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TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTIONとのコラボレーションプロジェクト「TOKYO GIRLS ROOM」の一貫として、2013年8月に、東京原宿にオープンしました。

このHPでは、「MAISON ABLE」から全国の女性へ、「なりたい私」を応援する、お部屋情報&ライフスタイル情報を発信していきます!

Maison Able Identity,
Inspired from the city of Paris (France), the identity aspire to be trendy and elegante as a "parisienne".
The main symbole is an association of a key and an arrow.
It represents the ability to find the right apartment as a "real estate cupid".
The design is classic and refine, it could be made during "les années folles" (1920s), uses now, and continues for many decades in the future.
The icon and the font are perfectly designed to fit together and their geometric lines give an image of stability and modernity. Combines with warm colors and pretty patterns or pictures, Maison Able identity is contemporary, freshness and charming.